About Us


We believe in simple solutions to big problems

We believe that simple solutions, applied in a new way can have powerful results. We believe in creating products that can make a happier, more efficient world. And we think they can look good while they’re doing it.


Thorough research, detail-driven product development and rigorous testing allow us to arrive at the definite components that go into producing the best performing, safe, comfortable, appropriately sized healthy environments and products for pets .

Innovation & Value

With a commitment to on-going innovation, we continue to implement new processes to ensure long product life; ease of use; total consumer satisfaction— providing our customers the best quality and price . . .

As we continue to bring new products to market, we will bring you the utmost in marketing and sales, merchandising and retail display through our three-tier Authorized Dealer Program in addition to product promotion programs and our on-going excellent customer service . . . 

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